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Fast, flexible, scalable technology enterprise solutions for business.   

enterprise solutions

A technology partner with a difference

Your enterprise has a vision for it’s future. At Unico we thrive on implementing your vision through the utilisation of the latest cutting edge technologies on the market. We partner with you to form innovative technology enterprise solutions for your organisation’s greatest challenges.

From ideation to execution fast

We understand that you need complex projects executed and implemented across your organisation quickly. Our SAFe agile approach to idea incubation and solution integration enables us to identify and nurture the right technology enterprise solution and implement it into your enterprise rapidly.



Bulletproof technology integration your business can depend upon

No matter the task, Unico has the expertise and tools you need to integrate new technologies and platforms into your existing enterprise frameworks. Our team are equipped with an agile start-up mindset, and are powered by the latest fast, flexible and technology solutions to enhance business operations and returns for your business. We build business critical infrastructure that can manage high transactions safely, dependably and to scale.

Industry leading digital platforms and products built for your business

At Unico we excel at tackling your most challenging projects. Our team take advantage of a nimble start-up mindset, yet have the experience and breadth to scale fast and develop impenetrable enterprise solutions. We use data to build custom digital platforms that enable you to enhance customer experiences and develop new innovative products.


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Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation and Enterprise