John Rowland

technology partner

John Rowland

Managing Director

As Managing Director and co-owner of Unico, John’s primary focus is to provide strategic guidance and direction to the executive team, drive a strong inclusive team culture, as well as deliver our vision and mission in accordance with the company strategy.

John takes a long-term, holistic view of the company and the broader ecosystem of people, technology and society to create value for all stakeholders. He is proud of Unico’s extraordinary people and their passion for helping our customers solve some of their most challenging business demands.

Teamed with over 30 years’ experience and a Master of Engineering, John has a deep understanding of how connected business technology drives business productivity and competitiveness. He is well regarded by his peers for his innovative style of leadership and during his career has led large technology companies across Asia Pacific.

John is a family man with strong social conscience and personally supports the Unico Community Fund and Unico Conservation Foundation.