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Unico Prepaid Charging Replacement Solution

A feature-rich, high performance, drop-in replacement for legacy prepaid systems using the MATRIXX engine

Replacing the legacy prepaid charging suite with the Unico Prepaid Charging Replacement Solution offers the opportunity to increase revenue by creating new, sophisticated products, bundles and offerings for both existing and new customers…while still delivering to robustness, reliability and scale requirements.

The Unico Prepaid Charging Replacement Suite, using the MATRIXX engine is a:

  • Like-for-like replacement for prepaid systems like the Alcatel-Lucent Instant Convergent Charging Suite (ICC)
  • Feature-rich prepaid solution offering the modern features and solutions demanded by today’s customers
  • High performing prepaid charging suite with real-time self-care and notifications to work alongside the real-time MATRIXX rating and charging engine
  • Highly efficient solution with a much smaller footprint compared with legacy solutions

Download the Unico Prepaid Charging Replacement Solution brochure.