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Unico Integration Adaptor Suite

Accelerate deployments, enhance customer experiences and reduce long-term operational costs on your MATRIXX deployment

Speed your time to market, reduce long-term TCO and enhance the deployment of a MATRIXX charging engine in your environment.
The Unico Integration Adaptor Suite is a pre-integrated family of adaptors that augment the capabilities provided by the MATRIXX engine to help you deliver differentiated services to customers in a fast, robust and supportable way, for both prepaid and postpaid implementations.
The Unico Integration Adaptors can be installed individually or combined for greater effect. Assurance and alarms, BI and analytics, high availability, backup and restore are built within the adaptor architecture to ensure end-to-end supportability and reliability.

Accelerate deployment:

  • Compete better by reducing your time to market on integrating a MATRIXX engine by leveraging the proven Unico Integration Adaptor Suite

Enhance customer experience:

  • Create streamlined user experiences and deliver them with real-time self-care and notifications

Reduce implementation costs:

  • Integrate legacy systems with the MATRIXX engine with minimal changes by performing interface abstraction, orchestration, data mapping, error checking, applying business rules and consolidation/splitting of transactions

Reduce long-term costs associated with change:

  • The Unico Integration Adaptor Suite reduces your TCO by decoupling the MATRIXX policy and charging engine from your IT OSS/BSS changes; updates, enhancements and changes to OSS/BSS are more streamlined with the adaptor suite and won’t impact the product constructs in the MATRIXX engine or downstream systems.

Download the Unico Integration Adaptor Suite brochure.