Big Data Architecture
to Solve Mission-Critical
Business Challenges

our Deep Expertise
in Strategic IT Solutions
for Mobile Networks

Building Dynamic and
Unbreakable Platforms
for Enterprise and Disruptive Start-ups

Reduce costs. Increase flexibility.

Unico helps clients make intelligent decisions on cloud adoption.

Public, private – or even no cloud – we can help you make informed choices on hardware, platforms and software solutions appropriate to your budget and business needs.

With Unico’s custom cloud expertise we can get your business up and running in the cloud in no time. If you choose, you could opt for vendor independence, location independence or a highly available solution across multiple vendors and locations.

Some of the salient features of the Unico cloud offering are:

  • Cost optimised and performance optimised
  • Pay only for what you use, and use only what you need with intelligent auto-scaling policies
  • Automated deployments and management of cloud-based resources
  • Disaster recovery is built into the design
  • Zero downtime continuous deployments