Big Data Architecture
to Solve Mission-Critical
Business Challenges

our Deep Expertise
in Strategic IT Solutions
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Building Dynamic and
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Building value from your data

Data is one of the most valuable assets and tools in supporting any business activity. It’s a key element relating to investment, planning, forecasting, business strategy and resource investment decisions.

However, with the business landscape increasingly dependent on technology, enterprise systems are gathering far more data than they can possibly manage and use effectively.

Unico are providing some of Australia’s leading businesses with the visibility they need to make intelligent business strategy and investment decisions. We call what we do Designer Analytics™; it’s all about providing a solution that’s a genuinely good fit for your requirements.

We know BI technologies, and our expertise encompasses:

  • business data modelling;
  • developing efficient and accurate processes for data integration, warehousing and reporting;
  • mining ‘big data’ for unprecedented insight into customer and system behaviour;
  • building user interfaces and data visualisations that extract maximum business value from your raw data;
  • data quality auditing and migration;
  • data volume management;
  • security and privacy management.