Big Data Architecture
to Solve Mission-Critical
Business Challenges

our Deep Expertise
in Strategic IT Solutions
for Mobile Networks

Building Dynamic and
Unbreakable Platforms
for Enterprise and Disruptive Start-ups

We know how technology drives your business

For significant business outcomes to be achieved you need:

  • Linkage between business strategy, business processes and technology capability; and
  • A proven ‘end to end’ methodology that will deliver results.

We’ll take the trouble to understand exactly where you want to go, and we’ll show you how technology can get you there.

unico-consulting-methodology-circle We think there are three key questions you should ask yourself about a technology business partner:

Are they independent? Are they able to provide unbiased advice and new thinking? Are they looking for the best available solutions for your specific needs? We are.

Can they provide specialist advice? Can they understand your unique issues? Or if your problem isn’t unique, can they call upon a wealth of previous experience to solve it? We can.

Do they deliver actionable outcomes? Do they deliver clear comprehensive analysis, documentation and testing that you can use as a basis for sound decision-making? We do.