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Our experts on your premises

Sometimes there are good reasons for you to stay in control, and all you want is someone you can trust to fill in the gaps in your capabilities, or to take care of a technical activity that is not core to your business.

To meet these needs, Unico offers a flexible range of local outsourcing services that enable our customers to focus on what really matters to them without introducing the risks and complexities associated with offshoring.

Workforce Augmentation

Got a skills gap in your team? Need expert knowledge for a project? We can contract our staff to assist you on a project-by-project basis. Our consultants include:

  • Enterprise, Solution and System Architects
  • System Developers with a range of skills and programming languages
  • Testers
  • Technical Support experts

Business Process Outsourcing

Unico’s business process outsourcing offering provides a tailored process execution or capability on demand service, with assured quality and the flexibility to ramp up and down on demand.