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Business Challenges

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in Strategic IT Solutions
for Mobile Networks

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We have over 20 years experience in solving complex network and mobile problems across national and global networks, with the agility and innovation of a niche player. We design, develop, integrate and deploy solutions that provide a competitive differentiation.

Case Studies

Australian-first integration of MATRIXX Convergent Charging Solution

Unico successfully delivers first Australian integration of MATRIXX’ Convergent Charging solution in an Australian tier 1 service provider’s network to deliver real-time mobile data usage alerts to millions of post-paid customers.

Intelligent networks for mobiles

As mobile phone ownership took off in Australia, leading telcos needed cost-effective value-added services to secure market share.

A mobile phone service provisioning platform for Australia’s largest telco

A more efficient system was needed which could receive Customer Relationship Management Systems messaging and use the data to update network elements with the correct information while managing growing network complexity.

Movies on demand – using analytics to improve user experience from pay to play

Disconnected data streams prevented the identification of critical service issues in online movie delivery.

How Telstra launched its NextG™ network

Specialised skills and expertise needed to test international roaming functionality for the launch of Telstra NextG™ network.

Mobile number portability using intelligent networks

How do you encourage millions of mobile customers to migrate from AMPS to the digital GSM and CDMA networks?

Message bank migration for Australia’s largest telco

Minimising customer inconvenience and preventing loss of valuable voicemails while transitioning to a more sophisticated and cost effective voicemail platform.

Migration of entire prepaid customer database

Avoiding disruption to service, and maintaining customer monetary credit and personal settings, whilst transitioning to a new system.

Secure and reliable international roaming on LTE 4G

Deploying and integrating an LTE traffic management solution to enable first-to-market 4G international roaming.